natural (re)born yogi

This site is about my path in life, through yoga and music

What about me, where do I come from?

Hi there… So, let me introduce myself a bit, me Jean, french pharmacist, born in 1976…

I told in the first blog post that I will talk about yoga and music, so, first… Yoga

It’s connected to long term weight issues. When I was a teenager, my parents were convinced I had weight issues, I was not, but, when you’re 10-11 yo, can you believe someone else than your parents and doctors? Btw, when I was 16 my mother died, almost 20 years later, there’s no single day I don’t think about her… Then real weight issues arrived, I was not in mood doing drugs or over drinking, I escaped with food, then, as a student, moving from home, I started eating crapy food, and partying a lot, with alcohol, and more crapy food. A year after mum’ died, I met a friend, she became a real close friend through years, living far away, but always there in precious and positive times…

In early 2011 I started a healthier path, no alcohol anymore, healthier food, nothing too restrictive, then my old friend visited us in France for a couple of days. We talked about yoga, she told me, as on a healthier path, yoga could help me. In my hometown, we had a friend in common who became a yoga teacher, I decided to call her and give it a try…


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