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Yoga, the next episode

Today, I’m about to complete a 30 days hot yoga challenge, it’s been a blast.. A perfect ending of a year of major transformation of body and mind. Hot yoga and better food helped me to lose more than 40kgs, without specific diet, without medicine, without surgery… I’ve been amazed by the effects yoga had on me, with such a transformation, I started thinking all I learned as a pharmacist concerning health was wrong… And, thank God, today, I’m just in good shape, all check ups since last year are perfect. I’m just thinking of a skin excess removal surgery wich is no big deal indeed.

I’m so grateful to every single yogi and yogini I’ve met on my path, and now to every relatives or old friends who’ve seen and understood that transformation , teachers and students giving me so much support, every single smile, nice words from all of you is so precious to me.

Some of you told me I’m putting pressure on you with that much determination, some were talking about admiration, envy… I never wanted to impress, but just express, I only want to inspire you better stuff, in your health routine, as far as health is our most precious gift, everything else follow when you feel in good shape, relationships, work, dreams…

For those who might still envy me, just envy my determination, but, you have to understand it’s no big deal indeed. One year ago, I’d have killed to have the body of the less fit of you all. I’m never complaining? Would you if you had that much positive feedback? Of course I’ve quite often little tensions in joints, sore muscles… But could you imagine I enjoy all that after years of feeling uncomfortable within my body because of weight issues? I had back and knees issues, it’s all gone now, so should I complain to be sore? I’m not sorry. Yoga helped my body and mind to reunite, and my body convinced my mind I had strength to follow that new path. 

We all have those strengths within ourselves, please everyone, just remember it, if I inspired you some day, be inspiring yourself!! Actually, you inspired me already. I have more compassion now, for everything and everyone, so, if you envy me, please also have compassion for me, understand what leaded me to weight issues and to the strengths I need to transform myself. It could be a big deal, but it’s not. It’s not because of you all, your support, smiles, friendship, love. I’m inspiring myself with all your feedback, you all can do the same, chose the easy way, open your heart, set goals, stick to it, but never forget to enjoy every single second of the path, to enjoy every single person you meet, accept friendship and love and support every one gives you, take it easy, but most of all, MAKE it easy.

I’ve been dealing with impatience, but on this path, I used my impatience to improve as fast as I could. How? Just by listening and sticking wisely to everything teachers told during class, EVERYTHING, including sometimes taking it easy, not looking at the others, never judging, enjoy yourself, be proud of what you do for yourself… It helped me to ban the worst word of mankind: frustration. I’d love to inspire you on that point, forget frustration, let it go…

With all my love,





One comment on “Yoga, the next episode

  1. Ching
    October 8, 2012

    Well done Jean. You, your determination and your accomplishment are all indeed inspiring. I’m very glad you have started a blog many more people, outside of FB, can be inspired by you.

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