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I’m not convinced I’m good at giving tips, and I really don’t believe my personal tips are interesting for what works for me might not work for another as every one’s unique… So if I had only one advice to give, it would be to listen to your body!!

I said your BODY not your mind (this one can be tricky sometimes, making you feel that it’s your body screamin’ although it’s only impatience or laziness from your mind…). If you want to give it a try, you should know a couple of things that I believe are true for every one. There’s two words you HAVE to BAN: judgement, and frustration, those are mind tricks to give you excuses not to work out as you deserve. Judgement can come from expectations, thinking of where you come from, where you’re going, and forget to enjoy where you are, and that lead to frustration… As I said somewhere else, frustration is the biggest brake to every single evolution or improvement. And as I already said here, if you’re able to forget that, to accept yourself in the present moment, you do have the strength to move forward, and again, it’s as important to stick to the goal than to enjoy the path, for it might be surprising if you’re not expecting or judging it, and that way, it’s supporting and rewarding, way more than you could expect… “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, just enjoy this way… And always really listen to your teachers, each single word of Bikram’s classes dialogue is useful, and out of class, teachers tips and advices are always good, at least to give it a try. When you have a problem with a posture, try your teachers advice, see how your body react, then, if you’re still struggling with that one, tell the teachers, they might have more tips adapted to your body shape, and flexibility.

So, as I’m dreamin’ to teach yoga one day, I’ll have to try and start giving advices… What’s above is really the most important indeed… Let’s have a closer look to hot yoga classes (reminder for beginners, 90 minutes made of 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a room heated at 40°C, needless to say tough and wuickly sweaty work out). So first tip is about hydration, needless to say in such conditions you need to stay hydrated, is it that hard to drink water during a regular day? No of course!! So during class, and this one is not for beginners, for the others, give a try to no water during classes, if you’re scared about the idea, prepare yourself with extra hydration before coming to class… You’d be surprised how it can gives you a better practice, with an empty belly, it’s amazing how some postures seem more comfortable, how more focused you can be, and how much time you save not drinking to breath more, to calm down faster and better between postures.

And I’ll end with a personnal tip, thanks to one of my best friend who introduced me to hot yoga, when I started Bikram’s Yoga in Vancouver, I did 4 classes in a row, then, at this moment, I didn’t know when I could practice again back home in France, so my friend suggested we should take pictures of the postures, from me and her, to remember it, and, if I was thinking to keep it up, to see the improvements… You should try at least once to take pictures of your postures, It’s important to feel from the inside the balance, the alignement, but seeing it from the outside is helpful and really inspiring too. I will post soon a sample of pictures I took in Vancouver, in september 11 and april 12, then after my challenge, early october 12, some are spectacular, meditate on this teaser ahahahaha!!!



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