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I told in the first post I’ll talk about yoga and music, now it’s time for music…

Let me introduce myself a bit, music has been a passion since I’m 11, I’ve been practicing piano, guitar, drums, and bass guitar for a while. In every style from classical, to jazz, blues, metal… As for yoga, and life, music to me is about opening your mind, about sharing it with friends and more.

And it has a huge healing power too!! Since I’m doing yoga, I’ve less time for music, and, indeed, I started to believe that music was not as good for health than yoga, but I was wrong. I’ve had some tough times this last week, trying to keep it up with yoga at home, but I couldn’t relax at all, so my yoga practice got bad, and I caught a cold… Then with one of my bands, we had to plan a rehearsal for a show to come. I really didn’t want to, I was surprised that I didn’t want to just play music. But, no choice, we have this show to prepare… When I arrived at rehearsal, it started really bad, one singer missing (actually she won’t come back..).. Then, we just played, and in the end I felt so relieved, relaxed, I was as fine as after a hot yoga class!!!

So, sometimes, music is healthy too, yoga is just yoga, you don’t have to expect anything (in yoga or music), but, the lesson today, is that you have to learn to let go and accept the present, and enjoy it, sometimes with yoga, sometimes with music, or anything that you might enjoy, cooking, movies, tv shows, reading…

Pictures of my postures are coming soon…


One comment on “Music

  1. Flo
    October 24, 2012

    of course music makes you feel good!
    j’ai soif, donne moi à boire!!!

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