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One year, hot yoga, healthy food and… 40kgs

One year, hot yoga, healthy food and... 40kgs

Here they are those pictures, for the most curious of you who would like to see what it’s about… From september 2011, then april 2012 until early october 2012 after completing my first 30 days hot yoga challenge… For the pictures, I’ve done the postures at regular room temperature, so not as warmed up as in the torture chamber, but it’s quite close to the real ones, for each one I was at a hundred percent.
First series from september last year was an idea of my friend in Vancouver who introduced me to hot yoga, in april this year, back in Vancouver I wanted to take the same pictures again to see myself, then again at home in Dunkerque, France, in october… It’s really a wonderful idea when entering a hot yoga path, of course, you don’t need it, you can feel the difference within yourself, you can also chose to trust what other people see and tell about you, but, once you really see it, sometimes you can’t believe it (on other postures, sometimes you expect more, you must not expect a lot from pictures of your postures)…
In the end, all you need (is love :o) ) is to trust and accept what your body tells… And yes, indeed, all you need is love for yourself
Next one, as Halloween is coming, I’ll probably write about fears…
Take care dear followers 😉


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