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Halloween is coming… Let’s talk about fears.

Before being introduced to hot yoga, I had tons of fears that now seem really stupid to me. Can fears be stupid? Of course, when they prevent you from moving forward, it’s like frustration in a way.

I used to be scared by doctors, check ups (needles…), I was not that confortable to speak in public (weird for a long time musician used to play gigs quite often don’t you think?).

Then a friend of mine told me about hot yoga, that she would take me to the hot room if I visit her. I just used a simple thing not to think about being half naked, with big weight issues, facing some flexible and balanced yogis, and… facing myself in the mirror. I must admit now I was scared to face this fat unbalanced body in the mirror. So, what is this simple thing I used?

Love… This friend of mine has always inspired me good things, I just decided to trust her, and go for it, and listen carefully to every single word she told me about hot yoga, and every single word of the teacher just before my first class ever… And all fears disappeared all in once. Looking backwards, I don’t even realized I’ve been through a tough path, I don’t realize I must have been brave to face hot yogis and myself in the hot room, I just decided to accept all that and move forward, and now, it’s so natural to me, it seems really simple. I still need some support and understanding from friends and family, everyone does, but, with less expectations, everything’s easier.

Of course, I’ve always tons of questions about where I am and where I’m going, but, no fears anymore. Fears are just mind tricks to explain sometimes your impatience, frustrations. 


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