natural (re)born yogi

This site is about my path in life, through yoga and music

Questions part1

Here we are friends, the first questions…

How do we make babies?

Well… I guess I’m not the most experimented to answer this one, I could explain how to make it, but I’ll wait having kids myself to answer ahahaha

What do we learn with Yoga?

I’m not sure we learn many things indeed.. Let me explain, now I’m doing Yoga, I feel more comfortable with myself, it seemed so natural to me, I don’t feel I’ve learned anything, but I feel I just remembered things I knew, things that I just forgotten with body and mind disconnected. Yoga has helped me to reunite body and mind. I’ve learn at least one major thing: to listen more to my own body. As I’ve already said previously, our western culture help this disconnection, we learn to push too much, we learn to ignore major warnings from our bodies. Yoga helps to remember this is wrong, and to accept lessons from our best teacher: our body.

What it’s all about?

Yoga is about life, about union, it can be applied to yourself, and to your relationships, your job, anything you want to put into it. It’s just Yoga. To be practical, the basic Yoga we imagine is Hatha Yoga, it’s about postures, stretching and breathing exercises than can help you feel good if you accept yourself and your practice as it comes, not judging yourself, not trying to compare to others… There’s other styles that are more spiritual. “My” Yoga is the Bikram’s Yoga aka hot Yoga. It’s just 26 postures of Hatha Yoga in a heated room to allow safer and deeper stretchings to preserve the joints.

What does Yoga really brings to you?

Yoga brings to you what you put into it, it’s not changing you at all, but, the more you put into your practice, the more benfits you’ll get. It’s not a solution to every problem, but a good way to accept the problems and a good help to stay calm and solve them easier. Some of the postures and breathing exercises are really helpful on some specific issues like weight issues, breathing issues, lack of flexibility and balance. But it’s not some wizard tips, there’s no magic into it but the strength you bring, you have to work out any way!!

For myself, I found a natural way of life and work out that has transformed my body a lot, and my mind a bit too. I’ve gained a lot of self confidence with those transformations. I’m still just dealing with patience, but, it’s another lesson of my practice, my body force me to accept I must be patient.

Can you do yoga and still love heavy metal?

Of course!!! As I said previously, Yoga’s just Yoga, and Music has huge healing powers too sometimes. I play in different bands, including a metal act, and you’re all welcom to come and see us live!! (I just hope we’ll be able to plan shows as every one in this band has his own job and don’t live in the same area…)


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