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A short one inspired by my journey…

Why am I doing all that? Love

How can I keep it up? Love again…

I started this journey with love… Love and trust for a friend, how simple it is? What’s been complicated to me has been to understand that I was changing, doing yoga and all healthier stuff for myself. It took me months to pay that love back to me. I think I realized when I first grabbed my heels during the camel pose, my heart opened physically and emotionally at the same time. 

That’s the best advice I can give to have the best practice you could dream about. The best, but also, at the same time the most simple and complicated: every single second, pay all the love you have back to yourself. If you do it wisely, you’ll find a fountain of love within yourself you’ll be able to use for your health, your friends, your family…

When you’re able to love yourself, and I really mean love, not in a selfish way, to look at yourself in the mirror as your closest friends, you’ll see other people looking at you the same way. You’ll see yourself change through the eyes of people you meet.

I know, it’s not that simple, but once you get it, it’s soooo helpful, it’s been my key to every improvements last months. Don’t expect anything, the best will arrive soon and unexpected, you’ll see, it’s even better!!

I’ve been meditating on this several times in the hot room, and it’s been beneficial for my yoga practice and for every day life. Still struggling with minor issues, patience for example, but way less than before.

I’ll write more soon for the “questions” series..

All you need is love!!!


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