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This site is about my path in life, through yoga and music


Hi friends, a new post tu introduce me&music a bit more…

And then, I’ll post a couple of videos, much better than words…

So, I started with piano lessons when I was 11, guitar when 15, then, by myself drums and bass (and other instruments for fun…). When thinking about it, what’s most important in music is not music itself, but the people your share music with. I mean, I’m intersted in every kind of music as far as I can share it with friends, or meet new people. And maybe that’s why I’ve improved quite fast in Yoga, I’m really sensitive to the energy shared, in the hot room or on stage, or while rehearsing with buddies….

First video, shot last week, it was our first show with this new band, Groove Hunters, doing covers of disco, groove, funky stuff…

Two others, with another band, In the MiX, first one is a cover on stage with a singer, Bertrand Agot who was involved in a TV show, the french Star Academy, second one is a song of ours, on a beautiful stage in Lille…

And now, time for metal covers, old stuff from 70’s, early 80’s, with the Spider at the Gate:

Enjoy 😉


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