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Vancouver and Gent on Pandora

Vancouver and Gent on Pandora

Hi friends, let’s ad movies to Yoga and Music…

Just to celebrate the new interview on Bikram Yoga Vancouver’s blog… I know what you’ll think, in latin it could sound like “vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas”, but I might answer you in greek Γνῶθι σεαυτόν (know thyself, Socrates), and the idea of yesterday, I’m not letting my success go to my head… So that you know I’m just trying to keep it up for being inspiring, and most, inspired by all of you!!

Back to the topic, when I first moved to Vancouver, I felt like Frodo taking the boat to Valinor at the end of the Lord of Rings, leaving Middle Earth to find inner peace and a new life…

Then, you know now, I tried hot yoga, when I first came out of the hot room, I really felt like Jake Sully in Avatar, it’s said that Na’vis are born twice, it’s exactly what happened to me, I found in Vancouver my Pandora, Yoga’s been my Eywa with a real connexion to other Yogis and to nature. Then back home, I realized Vancouver friends were only a tribe like omaticayas, I found another tribe in Gent, they accepted this alien coming from France, I’m so thankful for that… Yoga and Avatar have lots of connexion indeed, first and foremost, when a Na’vi say “I see you” don’t you think it sounds like “Namaste”? Of course it does!!

I see you (read Namaste, not I’m watching you like Big Brother ahahaha)


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