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Yoga for geeks episode 1: attack of the gear

Hi there, new episode on the saga, Yoga for geeks…

I started yoga aged 34, so, I had 34 years behind of being materialist, even what we can call a geek, or a nerd, raised with Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and playing music, and, I don’t know a single musician who’s not a geek at all. We musicians, often suffer from “G.A.S”, the Gear Acquisition Syndrom.

Yoga is not about materialism indeed, but, after 34 years, can you throw away all your bad habits all in once? Of course not, so, when I started Yoga, then Bikram’s Yoga, I seeked some helpful gear (then supplements you’ll see in the next episode..), to reassure me, to feel as safe as possible to stay focused on my practice…

So here’s a couple of stuff that helped me on this way, I’m not talking about outfit (being overweight still prevent me wearing onzie stuff, or lululemon for example for those who know these famous yoga clothing brands).

All kind of yoga gear can be found on this french site, from mats to blocks, straps… They sell eco-friendly stuff, some made from organic material, and btw, really nice gear indeed: they ship in most of European countries

Then for hot yoga, having a towel that really absorbs sweat, and prevent from slipping can really help, especially when you’re a beginner, sweating… a lot!! Two options quite nice: those ones are a bit slippery on the mat, but less for feet…

Or those ones, really nice too:

Then, last but not least for this episode, the most important, hydration!! I thought it could be nice to have some fresh water in the hot room, from pranayama to final savasana (though I don’t drink during class anymore, first sips just before lying down for final savasana taste better fresh… Just sayin’) So here’s my suggestion, the lifetime warranty Hydro Flask:

Enjoy ’til the next episode 😉



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