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Procrastination and announcement

Yes, announcement, but you’ll have to read it ’til the end (or go straight to the bottom line…)

So, let’s start with procrastination… As every single one of us, at a point, procrastination led my life. When you’ve had hard times, tough life events, how easy can it be to rely on pleasure, to look for enjoyment, and by then putting off important tasks to later times, which includes putting taking care of yourself… That’s where you get to disconnect body and mind… That’s where your mind’s tricking you, making you believe you’re doing good.

That’s where a close friend took me to the hot room…

That’s where I had this shock reuniting body and mind, and, with time, decided not to let this tricky mind lead my body and my heart.

Then, right now actually, I’m having hard times again, I mean real ones, the kind that makes you aging faster. I could get back to procrastination, throw away a wonderful year of discipline and beautiful meetings, with so much support. I’m not, I try to stick as much as I can to this path I started a year and a half ago. I’m so glad for all this support I get, feeling surrounded with love, trust and light.

Another close friend told me recently one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard about myself for decades: “you’re a Warrior of the Light”. She is too!! Hope she will read this one, she needs support too… “Warriors of light are not perfect.Their beauty lies in accepting this fact and still desiring to grow and to learn.”

I was thinking about skin removing surgery with my weightloss, I had to admit my body is not ready for it, I’m in a way better shape now than I’ve been for a while, but not enough for a tough thing like surgery…

Thinking about it, and talking about it with close friends and teachers, I had to admit something else: I’m feeling ready for another BIG thing I’ve been dreaming since I enterred the torture chamber of hot yoga. My mind is ready, my body was scared, but, now, with help of a couple of friends, I’m convinced for such a big deal that mind’s strengths are way more important than body…

I knew I was mentally strong, I had clues, for example in hot yoga classes, it’s been really easy for me to stop drinking during classes. My mind is still tricking me during classes, but I’ve never ended a class with frustration.

Why am I writing all this? For this big announcement, I’m ready to apply soon, this year actually, for the Bikram teacher training!!!!!!


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