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Procrastination 2

Looking for inspiration for this blog, a friend suggested: how to find time… It sounded ike procrastination again…

Let’s try to answer to procrastinating excuses:

1- “I’ll do it later” will you? Honestly?

2- “I don’t have time to do it now” really? What are you doing reading this blog linked from facebook? Ok, I must admit this will sound easy and a bit tough, but, when you set your heath and wellness as major priority, time is the easiest thing to find don’t you think?

3- “it’s not important” feeling good and healthy is not important?? no answer needed…

4- “I’ll eventually get to it” that sounds like a lie to yourself, for procrastinator, eventually means never…

5- “I’ll do it when my children are older”, but you’ll be older too huh? and don’t you think that by taking time for yourself, you’ll be in a better shape to take good care of your children?

6- “I’ll do it when I’ll have more energy, or when I’ll be in a better mood” to me, there’s no better way to gain energy and feel in a better mood than hot yoga, this one is a really bad excuse. I mean, of course you have to listen to yourself, but never let your tricky mind convince you you can’t go for it…

7- “I’ll do it when I’m older and retired” once again, will you? Ok, it’s never too late, but if you give it a try now, you’ll be old in a way better shape for sure!!


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