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first classes after meeting the Guru

A short one before a couple of picture based post about a few postures…

I wanted to say a bit more about how I feel since I’ve met Bikram Choudury. No one can deny this guy is great. Great and crazy of course. Some might say he’s very controversial, I guess it’s normal with such a fame… I keep my own opinion for close friends 😉

By the way, I had a major improvement during his class, due to his teaching that is very pushing. I prepared myself for this one with tremendous help from a great friend, then, with Bikram, I dared to upgrade this posture to the next level, that is really amazing when I look now at the pictures… Which one? You’ll have to wait… But since that try I gave to this posture, I sticked to this improvement, I had two really strong classes, thanks to my teachers in Belgium, and thanks to students sharing these classes. And you know what? It feels gooooood!!!!!!

I just wanted to say that, no matter what you can say about the guy Bikram, his yoga has tremendous benefits for me, I found something that works way better than medicine, surgery, diets and all kind of shit I’ve tried before…


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