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Why again?

With my almost completed 30 days hot yoga challenge, I’m still asked why?
And sometimes I’m still asking myself indeed…
Ànd as usual, first and simple answer is: because of love!!
A little reminder, I started hot yoga with love and trust for a close friend who just followed an intuition and offered me a starter card in Vancouver.
Before giving a try, the only good thing to me was music. Though music is really worth it when shared, I didn’t realize at that time I did it first for my ego. Doing something good for ego is sometimes good, but when you rely on it, it leads to expectations, then frustration. And anyway you need people around to share rehearsals, live shows… With hot yoga, I realized the huge difference between ego and the true Self, I found something I could do by myself, for my Self, and, if you can enjoy energy from neighbours in a full hot yoga class, you’re not supposed to rely on it…
Realizing how I could do good to my Self, while reuniting disconnected body and mind, some of you already know I cried a lot after this first Bikram’s yoga class.
And, if I started with love and trust for a friend, it slightly slided into love for my Self.
It is tough, but that’s the point, we all shall dare to fall in love with ourselves, we all have this power to glow and inspire, whatever our bodies or mind, we’re supposed to feel always on top or love ourselves every day, but when we dare to, and accept when we don’t feel like, we open an unlimited field of acceptance, inspiration for self and others…

With the challenge, some said I was tough, insane, I was actually, but on such a beautiful path, thanks to all of you and to my Self!!!


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