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Hot Yoga, mind over water

Since I’m writing about yoga, I’ve always said not to trust your tricky mind on your practice. But once you’re regular, and one body and mind are friends again, you can use your mind to apply the famous “mind over matter”.
Why did it turned into water in the title?
Let me explain…
The friend who introduced me to hot yoga told me she was not drinking during class. Of course you’re supposed to be hydrated, and I would not advice a beginner to do so.. For the others, of any body shape, I’d say it’s the best thing you can try to test your mind’s strength.
I have my own body shape, and though I don’t have perfect postures, there’s so many perfect balanced and flexible yogis saying I’ve a perfect practice. Because of my heart maybe, and because of my strong mind, I’ve considered six months ago to give a try to a no water break class, I did two, the same day, and I’m sticking to it now.
A no water break class is like yoga in general, what’s tough is the first step, but once you’ve tried, your yoga practice feels so much more comfortable with an empty belly, and you’re saving so much time to breathe and relax..
Advanced yogis, GIVE IT A TRY!! You’re strong, all of you can do it!!
Just hydrate well when you’re not in the hot room, anyway, when you’re in, water needs at least twenty minutes to be assimilated, drinking
during class is just a trick to refresh your tricky mind, the only way to refresh your body enough is to calm down, relax and breathe deeply as often as possible, make time for it, quit drinking during class…


2 comments on “Hot Yoga, mind over water

  1. tallmartha
    May 13, 2013

    I bet it’s an intense mind thing more than a physical do go without water! Good idea!

    • naturalrebornyogi
      May 13, 2013

      Once you’ve tried, it’s hard to go back… As many things with the hot room, the most complicated is the first step 😉

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