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A date with your limits

I finished a 30 days hot yoga challenge a couple of weeks ago, and after relaxing times, looking backwards, I must admit I learned a lot about myself..
Especially about my limits. Actually, I kinda dated those limits. My yoga practice was quite good since the very beginning, as far as I knew my own body and limits quite well. Then, with good experience and regular practice, I comitted a sin with excess of confidence. I pushed too much, and then, the date with those limits has surprised me. And I had a great lesson taught by my body, I learned to take it easy, not lazy, with the challenge going on I kept up but learned to back off…
And with love and support from teachers and students around, I completed 33 classes in 31 days, including 3 triples, and now, some say I’m glowing, how cool is that?
A step further on acceptance path…
Just sayin’ to keep in mind your body’s your best teacher sometimes, if you never “date” your own limits, no one but you can feel when it is too much. Take it easy not lazy


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