natural (re)born yogi

This site is about my path in life, through yoga and music

Paulo Coelho quote

“Every search begins with beginner’s luck…”

And indeed, I had this amazing luck 20 years ago to meet a friend who introduced me to hot yoga 18 years later.. And as a beginner in the hot room, I had this luck to experiment a spiritual awakening facing my true Self for the first time, and shared it with this friend who saw my true Self before me. And as a beginner for a while, I saw myself changing, thanks to love and support from my yoga family…

“…And every search ends with the victor’s being severely tested.”

And here I am, didn’t got the scholarship I applied for, struggling with family issues, feeling lonely sometimes in this fight for my Self… But I’m holding onto my daily routine, and trying to stick to it with more discipline than I did for a while (remember, I told to take it easy not lazy, but the difference sometimes is so tiny…)

And sharing all this is helpful too… I’m not expecting support, but I had some, an amazing feedback indeed, and it gives me strengths when I’m blind to my own strength.


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