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Warning, no yoga in this one, no music either…

When I figured out I had to delay my plans of Bikram’s Yoga teacher training, it really kicked my ass in an awesome unexpected way, and not only a better focus in my yoga practice.

I decided to start two new challenges at the same time, if I succeed in both, the teacher training will probably feel like a lazy vacation…

First one comes from my weight that has been stable for months. My body shape still changes a bit, not the scale, I guess I’m gaining muscles. So I considered my diet, and I realized I was overeating sugars, not only sweets or fruits, also cereals, bread, dairy… Not that I’m a sugar addict but I decided to give a try to 3 weeks sugar addiction diet, that consists in NO sugar at all. I will have to be very creative with veggies, salads, fish, meat, eggs. It’s quite comfortable actually, and I don’t really crave for sugar. But I wanted to share two amazing thoughts I had today. First one, how the hell have we disconnected that much body and mind on food? We should only rely on what our body tells when really craving for healthy and fresh stuff. And shut our minds off, perverted we are by commercials..
Here’s the second thought, I went grocery shopping today, and I’ve had a shock realizing how much sugar is everywhere, and I’m not talking about the obvious evil processed stuff. Even in my fav’ local organic store, there’s so called “healthy” sweets everywhere, so called “natural” and “healthier” sweeteners (google the agave syrup and stevia for example, you’ll find some controversy). And dairy, cereals, some food that industry developped and promoted way too much for human bodies’ health.

Second challenge, and that one IS a big deal, 30 days no complaining, the rule is simple, even the smallest complain, you start from scratch again, I’ve given myself until new year’s eve to succeed….


2 comments on “ChallengeS

  1. ching
    September 3, 2013

    Welcome to the paleo caveman diet of giving up all foods created by our modern society. I agree, sugar is in practically everything unless you prepare your meals yourself from scratch by selecting only the ingredients that come from our green earth. I know you can do this! You’ll see how much in technicolor your meals will be from now on!

    • naturalrebornyogi
      September 3, 2013

      Ahahahah, finally, here I am, already started to take care with organic, whole food, unprocessed of course… But I have to disconnect from the taste of sugar first, then, paleo for sure!!

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