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Being with Steve Vai (in Lille)

A post about spirituality

Yesterday, I met a hero (notice than I wrote hero, not only a guitar hero), a Unique guy. Read unique as a superlative.

As I’m close to my birthday, I decided a couple of weeks ago to do me a little pleasure with Steve Vai’s show in Lille, and went for the meet&greet ticket.
Appointment 4hrs before show, in front of the venue, the beautiful Théâtre Sébastopol. Members of the staff came to pick us to the artist’s entrance. And took us upstairs where Steve Vai’s was waiting for us. We were 9 people, and he took some time with each one of us. We didn’t talk that much of guitar skills, nor gear, but a lot of creativity, and spirituality indeed. As a yogi for a couple of years now, I was ready to really listen to his words. Simple, we just all have the power to create, we all have genius in our way. To really understand that simple fact, we just have to accept that genius does not have to be great to the world, it can be in everyday life’s simpliest things, creation is everywhere. How is it possible? Just be in the present moment and sometimes you will get in touch with your own genius, in this kind of moment, you will know what to do to use your genius as it’s meant to be at this very moment.
The greatest genius to the world are people who are always in the present, who can touch their own genius whenever they want, without caring of everything outside. That’s what makes them Unique.

For Steve Vai, his spiritual and musical father, Frank Zappa was Unique.
To me, Steve Vai’s unique!!
I’ll add two videos,
Frank Zappa first, Pure Music

Then Steve Vai, one of my fav’


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