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Absolute me-time, director’s cut

Absolute me-time, director's cut

And here I am for an extended version of my journey…
Picture first, Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand, 6:30am from my balcony… What an inspiring morning view indeed!!!
So, a little bit more about my journey…

First, why? When I figured I won’t go this year to the Bikram’s TT, my first decision was not to make any decision at all for a while, not to hurry in anything else because I was disappointed… But I also wanted to use my time well, and keep it up with my practice, and maybe try something else. I had a few friends who did the Absolute Teacher Training already and told me the place was nice, the teachers too, and the sequence interesting too. It’s another sequence of 90 minutes hot yoga, a bit different from Bikram’s one.
Then I had another friend who decided to apply for this fall session of TT, so I decided to visit her as a live support, and enjoy myself with a week of hot yoga vacations…

Since I went to Vancouver and started this journey 2 years ago, it’s one of the best thing I did for myself. I needed this kick in my practice, I needed to see other styles of Yoga (I took hot yoga classes of the Absolute sequence and also detox and gentle flow yoga classes, quite close to Vinyasa actually…), I needed to let go my life here a bit, and I must admit that 9 yoga classes, 7 massages, sun and fresh coconut do help to let go…

For those who have been following for a while it’s just a reminder, for the others, you’ll have to move backward here and read a bit (quite a lot actually ahahah). I started this journey two years ago with Love. Pure Love, and it’s always there somewhere around my practice. And I’m pretty much convinced now it’s the one and only true lasting strength one can have on this kind of journey. It took me quite a while to pay this love back to myself. I had a wonderful chat in Koh Samui with a really kind person. She told me I had an inspiring practice, and to answer her, no I could never get enough of that kind of support, my path seems easier to me now, but never easy at all, and this huge and amazing support I get from all yogis, teachers and friends around is my best strength: all the Love you all give to me helps me accept the Love I’m trying to pay back to myself. Some of you say I’m inspiring, you ARE too!! I could never be that inspiring without inspiration and love I get from you. My weight issues and drastic life changes have ups and downs, but, thanks to you all, the downs aren’t big deal, and the ups… Kicking higher and higher!! “Don’t stop kicking!!” (with Oprah’s voice…)

I realized this week another important thing about myself… I’m still having struggles but of a different kind now… Concerning my body, while two years ago I was struggling with breath and heart rate, now it’s just some tensions somewhere sometimes, some balancing issues due to old injuries, minor things I’m working on, but I did realize that I would never go back, I’m feeling so much better now, and as when I started I realized a happy reunion of body and mind, now I can say both body and mind are doing a good team job together, and it feels so good to feel a bit stronger everyday, I can say now I’m quite… Proud!!!


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