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Yoga High

Just back from a wonderful class…

These are days almost perfect for a yoga practice… Not that I was in a special mood, but, I had quite a good sleep last night, I even found time to take a short nap, I’m on a no sugar diet again.

When I arrived at the studio (the first as most of the time), our teacher was in a funny mood, we laughed chatting on how he will cook us in the hot room… Then I got in to warm up a bit, some sun salutes, and… inversed savasana.

Then, it started… Greetings from the teacher all class long AND awesome feelings within myself. Sometimes it’s really two different things, the teacher’s greeting you when you feel very frustrated from your postures, breathing, too focused on a high heart rate… I didn’t skip any, and I feel that I’m on a good way to improve some of the lovely postures of this series… Lots to say on Bikram, but Bikram’s Yoga works so much for me, with nice people around, compassionate teachers, tons of inspiration. We’re not supposed to expect classes like that, but it feels so good…



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