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A little personnal issue lead me to this idea:
To me the Truth IS (at least should be) pure and simple…
And easy, not painful…
What makes some truths painful is the time we use to say those truths, time that makes the way we express those truths more complicated than it should be…
And that’s the point of my practice of hot yoga: when half naked, facing myself in the mirror, I can’t hide, there’s no time to build complicated versions of the simple truths I see or feel…
The heat and postures give my practice this quick and simple access to Truth that every body should apply to others aspects of Life.
I just realized I can’t expect everyone and everything to be so quick and simple than my Yoga practice, I welcome this with pride for my practiçe and determination, and with gratitude for this beautiful lesson.


One comment on “Truth

  1. jamhunt
    March 15, 2014

    Great post! I can learn a lot by embracing some of my own similar truths!

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