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Confidence and exhaustion…

Hi guys, little update…
Yesterday, I attended to my most challenging hot yoga class ever.
Lack of sleep from ages, nightwatch at work the night before, and… Nowhere to hide in the hot room with the meanest teacher ever ahahahah…
I’m kidding, he’s been such a helpful guy on my path.
Just saying we were only two students attending, and, you know, some times when exhausted, you’d like to have a chance to take it “easy”.
First good point, I took the first step to hit the road to the torture chamber.
Second good point, I really did my best of this weak day.
Oh, I missed something… Before class, I could find time for a nap after a tough night at work, guess what I did?
Stand up paddle!!!! For the first time! Ever!
I’m feeling so happy to be able after already quite some weightloss to wear a shorty wetsuit. Amazing to kick confidence when you start to feel some frustration while on a plateau on the scale.
And I’m really proud now I’m able to keep it up whatever I feel, even frustration. That’s my key, I found my way to keep it up through frustration, exhaustion, and my impatience. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!
“Know thyself”…. Getting there
Thank you Karel for this class, thank you Pol for the nice energy, thank you Amandine for the SUP experience, I’m blessed to meet such helping inspiring beautiful people.


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