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Habit, Tradition, Convenience, Taste…

(title courtesy of Gary Yourofski’s lectures)

IMG_3372-0.JPGA few days ago, a trustful close friend shared one of Gary’s lecture on FB, that made me curious, I almost never watch lectures that long on youtube, but… I did…

I don’t want to make anyone of you feel any guilt, I’m still on the way and know how complicated Habit, Tradition, Convenience and Taste are difficult things to change in one’s life.
Why Habit, Tradition, Convenience and Taste? To Gary, they are the main reasons we eat meat. I’m not going further on this topic, if you want, I’ve put the link to the lecture at the end of this post.

Back to my path, for years, I’ve been used to severe weight issues as you know. It’s been an Habit. As a Tradition built with Convenience, and Taste, I put too much trust in family and doctors telling me something was wrong with my health.
I started a vicious circle with medicines, diets and frustration.
Then I started Yoga, if you follow me, you know the story…

I got out of this Habit circle, and tried many new things, as piercings, tattoos, sex, Yoga (various styles), nordic walk, stand up paddle, giving blood, and… FOODS
I tried to go for 3 weeks without any sugar (that means no gluten or dairy as well), I tried fasting, vegetarianism, veganism, and every try made me feel… Good indeed!!
I found out I had an amazing power: the ability to break any habit!!
Of course, it’s easy (Convenience huh?) to stay with your habits and take pills.. Remember, I’m a pharmacist. We’re addicted to our habits.
It’s easy to just enjoy the safety of our living room, feeling ashamed to the idea to confront ourselves to flexible Yogis.
Hey guys, free tip for you, it’s EXACTLY because you’re not flexible or skinny you SHOULD give a try to Yoga. And if you do, there’s good chance you’ll find out you’re the luckiest person on earth. If you’ve not the Yoga body, you will improve way faster, way more than long time Yogis.

You just have to make the first step and dare to BREAK THE HABIT.
It seems unreachable, it seems so far away from where you are, but it is so close actually, just in front of your door, step out…

I’ll add a personal news for my followers… 3 years ago, I made this first step, and 3 years later, almost 50kgs gone, I’ve had the agreement of my surgeon to have a skin removing surgery!!! My life will change dramatically for sure, I will finally be able to enjoy forward bends as I enjoy backward bends, that sounds so exciting to me.
When the surgeon told me “let’s go for it”, all fears were gone, only determination left!! And, thanks to the good work with my shrink and thanks to my strong Self, I’m 200% ready.


4 comments on “Habit, Tradition, Convenience, Taste…

  1. ayanayogalille
    August 10, 2014

    It’s so great to have such a close relationship with yourself. Fell that you are your best friend, your most optimistic supporter, your strongest support. I am so impressed by you natural reborn yogi!

  2. Magdalena Lenny Situmorang
    August 10, 2014

    sooooo happy for youuuuu ❤

  3. MIke Mitchell
    August 11, 2014

    Love the “tip” about flexible and skinny. Absolutely true! Not being or feeling flexible or skinny (healthy/define as you will) is the reason TO DO YOGA, not a reason not to do it! Powerful stuff! It works if you work it!

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