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This site is about my path in life, through yoga and music

Time flies

Hi there, some followers left? At the eve of a come back in the torture chamber, I’m considering writing again about my path, that’s been a bit tough through difficult … Continue reading

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Habit, Tradition, Convenience, Taste…

(title courtesy of Gary Yourofski’s lectures) A few days ago, a trustful close friend shared one of Gary’s lecture on FB, that made me curious, I almost never watch lectures … Continue reading

August 9, 2014 · 4 Comments

Confidence and exhaustion…

Hi guys, little update… Yesterday, I attended to my most challenging hot yoga class ever. Lack of sleep from ages, nightwatch at work the night before, and… Nowhere to hide … Continue reading

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Image du corps et du Soi…

Bonjour les francophones, à la demande générale, voici une version française de mon dernier article… Je vais donc commencer avec un avertissement, il y a quelques photos “explicites” à la … Continue reading

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Views on body and Self…

Hello there, let’s start this awaited one with a warning, you’ll have a couple of explicit pictures at the bottom of this one, ok with some « blurred lines », … Continue reading

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C’est quoi le Yoga?

Petite interview en français avec Caroline Alexis de la Maison du Développement Personnel où nous évoquons le Yoga en particulier pour les curieux qui voudraient essayer…

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A little personnal issue lead me to this idea: To me the Truth IS (at least should be) pure and simple… And easy, not painful… What makes some truths painful … Continue reading

March 15, 2014 · 1 Comment